Continuum Movement®


"We can be seen as a fluid unfolding of an innate intelligence. It is the same intelligence that is guiding the sperm and egg, the same intelligence that created the membrane of the first cell, the intelligence that moves galaxies and iguanas. We inhabit a sea of intelligent life beckoning us to enter."  

~Emilie Conrad, Continuum Movement founder, from  Life on Land


In our Continuum classes, workshops and retreats, we often begin with an awareness of ourselves in the present moment, the rhythm of our breathing, where we sense our breath in our bodies, and our sensations of resting into the earth, and of being met.

Following vocal breaths, which create vibrations inspiring our fluid system, we attend to our awakened senses as a guide for innovative movement. We are open to possibilities for greater expression and developing new neural pathways. A full range of non-patterned movement, from dynamic full-bodied expression to subtle micro-movements, stimulates neurological growth and vibrancy.


Inhabiting this sea of intelligent life has many benefits:


*Increases vitality, health and healing

*Provides a spacious sense of well-being

*Develops core strength and flexible power

*Revitalizes bones, joints, and skeletal health

*Releases, relaxes and realigns, much like receiving bodywork

*Heightens sensuality and increases receptivity

*Awakens creativity, innovation and play

*Facilitates trust in one's inherent body wisdom

*Deepens spiritual connection

*Provides a safe environment for growth and renewal