somatic movement arts

Olivia working with Sienna at Embody Life Ranch.

Olivia working with Sienna at Embody Life Ranch.


Somatic Movement Arts offers a fluid and potent path to consciously embody life, working experientially with body, movement and consciousness. 

Synthesizing the practices of Continuum Movement®, Experiential Anatomy and principles of Chi Gung, Teri Carter, RSME/T created the Embody Life Method and founded the Somatic Movement Arts (SMA) Program for individuals and practitioners alike. 


“The SMA curriculum is based on the knowledge that we are primarily fluid beings—approximately 75% water—and it is the fluids within our bodies that are the primary agent of change.  Our body's structure of connective tissue is negotiable form, able to transform, heal and innovate when engaging in experiential somatic movement processes.” 


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